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A Master-Class Rifle must be capable of delivering championship results. Reliability and performance in both in the rifle and sighting system should not be question when the shooter steps to the firing line. The rifle must also properly fit the shooter’s physique to complement and optimize all relevant aspects of The Physical Game.

In our continuing series of Rifles & Sights Blogs, we will explore what many of our top shooters have to say about their rifles and sights to give our readers information to make your own rifle/sight choices on what may work best for you.

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  • Modifying the Air Arms HFT-500

    Selecting a rifle for any of the various disciplines of metallic silhouette can be quite a challenge. While there are certain brands and models that are typically gravitated towards for their ability to meet the basic criteria for the sport, the award for “most open-ended and least-restrictive criteriaā€¯ probably goes to the Open air rifle.… Continue reading Modifying the Air Arms HFT-500

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