Silhouette Training Program

The NASSA Implementation Team is fully committed to developing a NASSA Silhouette Training Program as one of our critical long-term projects. We have previously stated that a key success component of our NASSA Youth Programs is the ability to conduct seminars and provide coaching for the junior shooters.

This can be in the form of:

  • Youth Training Seminars/Schools – Seminars/schools conducted by some of NASSA’s best rifle silhouette shooters to introduce and get juniors started in our sport.
  • Youth Individualized Coaching – For those serious about silhouette, a more structured individualized coaching/mentoring training program to compete on a state/regional/national level.

The ability to offer seminars/coaching brings something of value to the table for juniors, the parents of juniors as well as the kindred youth shooting organizations we wish to collaborate with. Obviously, there is a benefit to the entire silhouette community and we would make available the NASSA Silhouette Training Program to all that wish to participate.

What Defines a Benchmark Silhouette Training Program?

The Power of Process Mapping

To achieve a successful NASSA Silhouette Training Program, NASSA must be willing to develop superior silhouette training material that meets or exceeds the needs of our silhouette shooting community. We will focus on a process-based methodology to develop the training material.

For a reminder of how important processes are, we invite you to watch Ginny Thrasher’s YouTube Video entitled “Winning the Olympics: A State of Mind”. Defining and teaching the processes involved in becoming a championship shooter allows one to fully develop the power of the sub-conscious as well as define the optimum knowledge, tools and equipment required to be a champion.

Other Considerations

Some of the other factors we will take into account when developing the NASSA Silhouette Training Program are:

  • We will benchmark what has already been created through our Kindred Organizations such as USA Shooting, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), the NRA, International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) and other shooting sports organizations.

  • We will explore different training methodologies since there is no specific right way to shoot silhouette. What works for some might not work for all so each shooter can adopt what is best suited for them. For example, Ginny Thrasher’s mental training methods referenced above is similar in its objectives to Lanny Bassham’s Mental Management System (author of With Winning in Mind), but the techniques to get there are different.

  • We will propose some type of Trainer/Coach Certification Program to ensure the integrity of the NASSA Silhouette Training Program remains intact. Our kindred organizations have a similar approach (train the trainers).

  • The NASSA Technical Blog categories of Inspiration, The Mental Game, The Physical Game, Rifle & Sights, Ammo & Ballistics and At The Range are meant to be complementary to the NASSA Silhouette Training Program. Complementary in the sense that they will reinforce the knowledge, tools and equipment taught in our training program curriculum.

  • Similarly, the NASSA Recommended Shooting Books webpage also serves to reinforce the training curriculum as they cover similar ground and can help each shooter tailor what they have learned to suit their particular needs.

We will update you on our progress on this webpage or through NASSA Press Releases as we begin our journey. Please do not hesitate to use the CONTACT US link below if you have something to contribute to developing our NASSA Silhouette Training Program.