A critical role of NASSA is to help develop the Rifle Silhouette shooting skillsets of our shooting community. One of the most effective ways we can do that is to tap into the knowledge of our Master Shooters and disburse this information through the NASSA Blog Program. This will include both regular and guest authors with relevant knowledge in the (6) categories of Inspiration, The Mental Game, The Physical Game, Rifles & Sights, Ammo & Ballistics and At the Range.

NASSA Blog Benefits:

  • Authors are free to express their current views for consideration.
  • NASSA website “registered” shooters can ask questions for back-and-forth dialogue and discussions.
  • This dialogue is visible by all who visit the blog postings.
  • The number of blogs will grow over time and with it the value of visiting this resource!


The inspiration to become a champion shooter starts with an evocation; the process of bringing an image of perceived success to the conscience mind. Often the evocation is inspired by an object, a person and/or an event on what might be possible to achieve. This then provides the motivation necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

Championship shooters have a tremendous drive to excel and with it the dedication to achieve their goals. In our continuing series of Inspirational Blogs, we will explore sources of inspiration that drive many of our Master Shooters in their quest for excellence.

“It takes 3-4 years to learn how to shoot, and another 3-4 years to learn how to win – to deal with the match pressure. It takes several more years to learn how to do it when it counts.”

Lt. Col. Lones W. Wigger – US Army Marksmanship Unit

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The Mental Game

Mastering The Mental Game is learning how to managing and control the conscious mind (source of match pressure) and training the tremendous power of the subconscious mind to consistently execute the shot sequence. All Champions in the various shooting sports have learned how to master this struggle of emotions and channel both pre-match anxiety and championship match pressure to their advantage.

In our continuing series of The Mental Game Blogs, we will explore many published sources and experiences from some of the best rifle competitors and sports psychologists in the various shooting sports disciplines.

“Winners are convinced they will finish first. The others hope to finish first.”

Lanny Bassham – From the book “With Winning in Mind”

“I always think that the one I have in the chamber is the first one. I shoot 40 matches of one shot each, not a single match of 40.”

Agustin Sanchez, World Class Silhouette Shooter

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  • Training, Part 1

    Creating habits that lead to success. “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” — Patches O’Houlihan Happy New Year! It’s nearly the end of January already, so probably a little late to be wishing everyone a happy new year; but this is the first post to The Rifle Silhouette Report for… Continue reading Training, Part 1

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  • The Most Common Mistake

    “We don’t talk about Bruno!” — Encanto Let’s be honest, shooting good scores in silhouette is hard! This is not something anyone can just step onto the range and do well. It takes a LOT of work and time to develop the physical and mental skills to perform well at this sport. To hit a… Continue reading The Most Common Mistake

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The Physical Game

Each shooter is unique, but the science behind optimizing one’s physical shot preparation and shot sequence is well documented. Optimized bone support, muscle tension, balance, breathing and overall physical conditioning are just some of the elements that make up The Physical Game. All elements must work in conjunction with the elements of The Mental Game to optimize each shot taken.

In our continuing series of The Physical Game Blogs, we will explore how many of our top shooters physically train and bring those training results to subconsciously perform in Championship Matches.

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Rifles & Sights

A Master-Class Rifle must be capable of delivering championship results. Reliability and performance in both in the rifle and sighting system should not be questioned when the shooter steps to the firing line. The rifle must also properly fit the shooter’s physique to complement and optimize all relevant aspects of The Physical Game.

In our continuing series of Rifles & Sights Blogs, we will explore what many of our top shooters have to say about their rifles and sights. The intent is to give our readers information to make your own rifle/sight choices on what may work best for you.

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  • Dovetail Scope Rings

    Including an interview with Pete Deal of D3 Precision There are many components that go into making an accurate rifle and no one component is the most important. They are all links in a chain that have to do their job well, and any one weak link can cause a failure to live up to… Continue reading Dovetail Scope Rings

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  • It’s Not About The Rifle

    What equipment to use and why it’s not that important. “It’s not about the shoes; it’s about what you do in them.” — Michael Jordan I really appreciate those of you who have emailed me questions and ideas. It makes it much easier to know what you want to read about if you tell me.… Continue reading It’s Not About The Rifle

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Ammo & Ballistics

The Ammo & Ballistics work as a system with the Rifles & Sights to optimize shooting performance. The rifle caliber chosen in conjunction with the powder/bullet combination must balance the accuracy required at all distances and the consistently required to knock down animals, all balanced against the recoil effects over the course of the match. This is much more significant over a High Power National Championship course of 240 rounds for record.

Ammo and ballistics for silhouette have shifted significantly in the past few years with the advent of new bullet technology (improved ballistic coefficients). In our continuing series of Ammo & Ballistics Blogs, we will explore what calibers and reloading components our top shooters are experimenting with to gain an advantage in Championship Matches.

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At the Range

David Tubb said that “preparation is a key to success in competition.” Coming to the firing line not prepared for contingencies only takes away from the mental process of executing the perfect shot. Something as simple as leaving your scope shade in your range bag to not discussing your wind doping strategy with your spotter can lead to performance lapses. At the Range is an important catch-all for all the auxiliary shooting equipment, accessories and preparatory processes not related to the rifle and ammo that can impact your performance.

In our continuing series of At the Range Blogs, we will explore what our top shooters have in their range bag, pre-match preparation and the techniques used in conjunction with their spotters to make sure their shot execution is optimum.

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