The Physical Game

The analysis and optimization of the mechanics to minimize the shooter’s movement (biomechanics) is what we are referring to as The Physical Game. Each shooter is unique, but the science behind optimizing one’s physical shot preparation and shot sequence is well documented. Optimized bone support, muscle tension, balance, breathing and overall physical conditioning are just some of the elements that make up The Physical Game. All elements must work in conjunction with the elements of The Mental Game to optimize each shot taken.

In our continuing series of The Physical Game Blogs, we will explore how many of our top shooters physically train and bring those training results to subconsciously perform in Championship Matches.

The idea behind dry firing is working through technical and mechanical skills and using the feedback for direction. Essentially, dry firing through changes and experiments is a great tool that not only is convenient to employ but also one that really focuses on the activity.

David Tubb – “The Rifle Shooter

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