Many Silhouette shooters had the pleasure of shooting with Lones W. Wigger, Jr. over the years. While silhouette was not his primary focus, he did love our game and was a two-time winner of the NRA High Power Silhouette National Championships. He was also a four-time Olympian and the most decorated shooter in the history of shooting sports. We all were very sad to hear Lones “left the range” in 2017.

Lones Wigger at the 1976 NRA National Silhouette High Power Championships

To honor Lones W. Wigger, Jr. and and his family, NASSA is proud our Technical Library will carry his name. We will strive to hold ourselves in developing this resource over time to the same standards Lones held for himself –

“There are no secrets. It takes hours and hours of hard work, commitment, dedication, sacrifice and desire. Maybe desire is the most important. Everyone can be a winner,. It just depends on how bad you want it. Never forget to dream. Dreams can and do come true.”

Lt. Col Lones W. Wigger, Jr. – US Army Marksmanship Unit

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Lones W. Wigger Technical Library Objective

NASSA’s mission is to help promote Silhouette competition. Providing valuable technical training material to help our silhouette community is therefore one of our top priorities. We intend to significantly focus on developing The Lones Wigger Technical Library over time so that it becomes an indispensable reference source.

Whether you are a new shooter, trying to break into AAA/Master Class or training to excel to the top of your game, hopefully you will find something within this library to help you in your journey. If excelling in this sport was easy, the journey would not be worth it.


A critical role of NASSA is to help develop the shooting skillsets of our shooting community. One of the most effective ways we can do that is to tap into the knowledge of our Silhouette gunsmiths, our master shooters and our industry partners and disburse technical information through our NASSA Blog Program. This will include both regular and guest authors with relevant knowledge in the (6) categories of Inspiration, The Mental Game, The Physical Game, Rifles & Sights, Ammo & Ballistics and At the Range.

NASSA Blog Benefits:

  • Authors are free to express their current views for consideration.
  • NASSA website “registered” shooters can ask questions for back-and-forth dialogue and discussions.
  • This dialogue is visible by all who visit the blog postings.
  • The number of blogs will grow over time and with it the value of visiting this resource!

Recommended Shooting Books

NASSA has prepared a list of Recommended Shooting Books for your review. If you are a new Silhouette shooter, many of these books can help you improve your scores through teaching critical basic fundamentals and help prevent beginner mistakes. If your desire is to make Master Class in Silhouette, many of these books can help refine your fundamentals and bring structure to your training regimen to get you there. If your goal is to reach the top of our Silhouette sport and win championships, absorbing the knowledge of these champion authors to formulate and refine your own path to success is critical!

We are fortunate these days that many new and great books on sports motivation, mental training, the physical aspects of shooting, rifles, ammunition, ballistics, wind doping, etc., are now being published everyday and included here for your review.

Bill Pullum, appointed in 1962 as Head Coach of the newly formed US Army Marksmanship Training Unit (USAMTU), was a pioneer in developing modern coaching techniques. Bill Pullum and Frank T. Hanenkrat, a USAMTU shooter and fellow instructor, would write a ground breaking book entitled Position Rifle Shooting that would set the bar for coaching championship shooters such as Lones Wigger to great achievements. Two later books by Bill and Frank are included on our recommended reading list as must reading.

Our other authors of Recommended Shooting Books also have strong and diverse shooting backgrounds in complementary shooting sports such as ISSF Prone/3-P/Air Rifle, NRA High Power/Service Rifle, Long Distance Shooting or Shooting Sport Psychology. Their knowledge is directly applicable to our Silhouette sport or it would not have been included!

Technical Articles

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Starting a Silhouette Program

NASSA’s charter is all about the promotion and expansion of silhouette throughout all of the NASSA Regions. One way NASSA can do this is by providing useful information on how to start or optimize a rifle silhouette program in gun clubs across North America.

We are starting to collect various content including building/maintaining a silhouette range, developing the silhouette infrastructure, buying the needed supplies, conducting a silhouette match and other logistics to get you up and running. This is an ongoing work in process and will be added to as we can collect and add new material worthy of posting.

Please use the link below to check out the Starting a Silhouette Program content we have added so far!

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