Starting a Silhouette Program

NASSA’s charter is all about the promotion and expansion of rifle silhouette disciplines throughout all of the NASSA Regions. One way NASSA can do this is by providing useful information on how to start or optimize a rifle silhouette program in gun clubs across North America.

Please look over the various content below including building/maintaining a silhouette range, developing the silhouette range infrastructure, buying the needed supplies, conducting a silhouette match and other logistics to get you up and running. Our Starting a Silhouette Program webpage is an ongoing work-in-process and will grow as we can collect and add new material worthy of posting.

Please use the link below to contact us for adding any new material you think would help our rifle silhouette community!

Silhouette Range Construction & Maintenance

Included below are various publications, websites and reference material to get started as well as help maintain the physical property of your rifle silhouette range. From optimizing the range layout to environmental concerns, this material is the foundation on which to build a successful silhouette program.

NRA Range Source Book

The NRA Range Source Book (Current Edition) is a technical source book for shooting range builders and operators. The book features 27 chapters of information on range operation and construction collected for you in a three-ring binder. The updated version of the NRA Source Book includes both information on outdoor and indoor ranges, an extensive vendors list of those in the industry able to assist with the building or improvements to your range, as well as a section for general drawings for reference.

EPA Best Management Practices for Lead Outdoor Shooting Ranges

The EPA Best Practices Manual provides owners and operators of outdoor rifle, pistol, trap, skeet and sporting clay ranges with information on lead management at their ranges.

Silhouette Range Equipment

From firing line infrastructure to the steel animal target stands, we will be adding more useful information overr time to setup or optimize your silhouette range to start knocking down some steel animals!

Bayou Rifles Inc .22lr Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Stand

Included here are CAD plans in PDF format for a “benchmarked” .22lr smallbore rifle silhouette stand utilized at Bayou Rifles, Inc. located in Houston Texas. These stands are extremely robust and the last (2) stands were built by a local high school shop class so they are relatively straight forward and easy to fabricate.

Silhouette Match Stat Office

NRA Silhouette Bulletin Sheet

These NRA Silhouette Bulletin Sheets are utilized in many championship matches throughout the USA. Typically they are filled out during the course of the match to keep the shooters informed while the stats are compiled for the final match results. Order thiese popular NRA Silhouette Bulletin Sheets on the NRA website link below:

Silhouette Award Pins

NRA Award Pins

Order 5-in-a-row and 10-in-a-row pins for all rifle silhouette disciplines from the NRA using the attached form below. The corresponding NRA mailing address is on the form.

RBR Award Pins LLC

Order 5-in-a-row, 10-in-a-row and other custom pins on-line for all rifle silhouette disciplines from RBR Award Pins LLC. RBR Award Pins is all about keeping things simple and personal. They are a small business dedicated to providing the perfect token for your shooting event.

Silhouette Steel Animal Vendors

The vendors listed below are the most commonly used USA sources for rifle silhouette steel animals and paper targets. This includes both stand-alone animals fabricated from steel plate, swinger animals as well as one vendor supplying cast animals used in many .22lr smallbore silhouette matches. Since two of these vendors are fabrication shops, they will do custom work out of different material, different thickness and other requirements you might have beyond their standard offerings on their websites. Just ask!

Quality Targets, Inc.

Quality Targets’ mission is to provide the best targets possible at an affordable price. Customer satisfaction and quality products is their main priority. Fabricated out of steel plate, Quality Targets provides a full range of steel targets for all shooting disciplines and does quite a bit of custom work. 

North Carolina Silhouette Shooters

North Carolina Silhouette Shooters supply cast .22lr smallbore targets very popular in many championship matches in the USA including the NRA National Championships. Built to exacting specifications with added strength (especially chickens) to prevent breakage. Targets offered are cast ductile iron – 1/5 size .22LR smallbore targets with bases ground flat/parallel with weight centered over the base for stability. Cast animals are supplied with primer paint applied to prevent rusting.

Magnum Target

Those at Magnum Target have enjoyed shooting since they were old enough to hold up a gun. They built shooting targets over the years for their won personal use because they were unable to find high quality affordable shooting targets.  Many hunters, recreational and competitive shooters began asking Magnum Target to build targets for them as word spread in the community.

Outdoor Products Plus

Outdoor Products Plus offers a large, economically priced selection of paper silhouette animal targets and are used by many silhouette shooters for practice. They offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more in the continental US. They also quote international shipping if you send them what you want and a shipping address.