NASSA Governance

NASSA Long-Term Governance Objectives

Our long-term goal is to make NASSA a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Such a change will require formal NASSA By-Laws, Code of Ethics, a Board of Directors as well as Functional Managers to oversee specific responsibilities to guide and sustain NASSA. As a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, all USA-based donations will be tax-deductible. This will help incentivize donations to help cover our fixed annual operating costs and provide additional funding for substantial new initiatives. Our goal is maintain a zero membership cost for our NASSA members.

NASSA Implementation Team

Since NASSA is an evolving and growing organization, the NASSA Implementation Team will serve as an interim means of governance until such time as a more permanent governing body is appointed. The NASSA Implementation Team currently consists of the following individuals with more personnel to be added as future requirements dictate:

Chris CawthorneNASSA Project Manager (USA South Central Region)

Responsible for NASSA implementation planning, direction & execution as well as NASSA website specifications & content creation.

Garin Hatch – NASSA Website/Media Administration Manager (USA South Central Region)

Responsible for the hosting, administration & creation of the NASSA Website and support functions as well as development of SQL databases.

David Mackiernan – NASSA Media Administration Manager (USA Southeast Region)

Responsible for administration of media platforms and media content creation.

TBD – NASSA Website Administration Manager (Mexico)

Responsible for NASSA Website Administration within Mexico and Spanish language content management & creation.

Tim Steinke – Website HTML Coding and Technical Support (Consultant)

Responsible for technical consulting & custom coding to optimize the NASSA Website.

The NASSA Implementation Team will be working in conjunction with the Regional Directors for Canada, Mexico and the USA to implement our NASSA Implementation Plan. Regional Directors are being appointed as we find volunteers to fill these positions. Click on the link below to see the names of appointed Regional Directors as well as their specific responsibilities.

NASSA Advisory Committee

Members of the NASSA Advisory Committee consist of Silhouette Shooters from Canada, Mexico and the USA as well as our Industry/Small Business Partners that have substantial standing within our Silhouette Community. The (4) primary roles of the NASSA Advisory Committee Members are:

  • Input into the NASSA Implementation Team to help guide implementation direction & policies moving forward.
  • Ambassadors for NASSA, particularly during the NASSA Launch Phase and the subsequent introduction of other major initiatives.
  • Aid in the recruitment of NASSA Functional Managers, Regional Directors and other vital personnel as required.
  • Aid in fund raising to execute and expedite our multi-phase NASSA Implementation Plan.

List of Advisory Candidates (list to be Finalized):


Candidates for Regional Directors will be moved from the NASSA Advisory Committee to the Regional Directors Page

Representing Canada:

Jordan Marsh



Representing the USA:

John Mullins (Southwest Region)

Dan Cates (Southwest Region)

Dustin Flint (South Central Region)

Erich Mietenkorte (Northwest Region)

Ken Haupricht (Northeast Region)

Kenneth M. Haupricht (Northeast Region)

Mike Haynes (Northeast Region)

Luke Johnson (Northeast Region)

Carlos Salazar (South Central Region)

TBD (North Central Region)

TBD (Southeast Region)

Representing Mexico:

Jose Alfredo (Pepe) Valdes (Northwest Region)

TBD (Northeast Region)

TBD (Central Region)

TBD (South Region)

Representing Industry/Small Business

Adam Braverman (Capstone)

Chris Winstead (Hardscrabble Mountain)

Cathy Winstead-Severin (Good Shooting)

Daniel Salazar (Berger Bullets)