The Mental Game

Mastering The Mental Game is learning how to managing and control the conscious mind (source of match pressure) and training the tremendous power of the subconscious mind to consistently execute the shot sequence. All Champions in the various shooting sports have learned how to master this struggle of emotions and channel both pre-match anxiety and championship match pressure to their advantage.

In our continuing series of The Mental Game Blogs, we will explore many published sources and experiences from some of the best rifle competitors and sports psychologists in the various shooting sports disciplines.

“Winners are convinced they will finish first. The others hope to finish first”

Lanny Bassham, From the Book “With Winning in Mind”

“I always think that the one I have in the chamber is the first one. I shoot 40 matches of one shot each, not a single match of 40.”

Agustin Sanchez, World Class Silhouette Shooter

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