North Central Region/Clubs


This region services Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota & Wisconsin.

USA North Central Regional Contacts

TBD – North Central Regional Director


TBD – North Central Regional Calendar Manager


North Central State Silhouette Representatives:











North Dakota


South Dakota


2023-2024 North Central Regional Initiatives (Pending)

The North Central Regional Director will work together with the North Central State Silhouette Representatives to establish 2023-2024 North Central Regional Initiatives to promote the growth of Rifle Silhouette in the region. The North Central Regional Director will also work with other NASSA Regional Directors when appropriate to leverage resources where mutual cooperation is beneficial.

(Regional Initiatives Pending the Appointment of the North Central Regional Director)

Regional Club Match Calendar

Google Calendar software (or equivalent) will be developed by the NASSA Implementation Team for all NASSA Regions to utilize this software for listing club matches.

You will be able to access the calendars here on each Regions/Clubs webpage as shown with the example link below and the image on the right.

Example (Texas Silhouette Club Match Calendar)

Silhouette Gun Club Listings & NRA Affiliated State Organizations

Below you will find silhouette gun clubs listings & links to gun club profiles for the USA North Central Region. Your NASSA Implementation Team is working hard to capture all known gun clubs in this Region that offer a rifle silhouette program.

We have also included all NRA Affiliated State Organizations with links to their websites. Your NASSA Implementation Team carefully reviewed all these State Organization websites and have concluded there is a substantial opportunity to insure rifle silhouette disciplines are included as content.


Illinois State Rifle Association

The Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) supports competitive shooting sports as stated in its charter:

  • Assist the Civilian Marksmanship Program and its Director with the Promotion of Rifle Practice Firearm Safety, and the State of Illinois and its Department of Natural Resources, by the promotion of marksmanship practice both as a sport and a fundamental aspect of national defense, and the education of citizens in all aspects of firearm safety and marksmanship training.
  • Promote the highest degree of sportsmanship and good fellowship, and to prevent the occurrence or tolerance of unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Promote and assist in the planning, construction, and preservation of civilian shooting ranges.
  • Educate the citizens on all matters affecting the lawful use and possession of firearms, firearm safety, self-defense, competitive shooting and sport hunting.
  • Support and promote the purposes, goals and objectives of the National Rifle Association of America and the USA Shooting organization.

Milan Rifle Club (Milan, IL)

Since the beginning, the club has been associated with the National Rifle Association with a goal of providing a safe facility for its members to compete in the various shooting sports. You must be a member of the NRA in order to be a member of the Milan Rifle Club.Membership in the Milan Rifle Club is not required to compete in formal competitions. All other use of the club facilities does require membership. 

The Air Gun Challenge includes a wide variety of reactive targets as well as precision rifle targets.  Reactive targets include silhouettes (silhouettes are steel profiles of chickens, pigs, turkeys, and rams).  

Iowa Firearms Coalition

The mission of the Iowa Firearms Coalition (IFC) is to continue as the preeminent organization representing Second Amendment concerns for all firearms owners in the state. IFC partners with first-rate organizations all over America to help bring you the very best in various programs, competitions, information, and shooting interests.

Michigan Rifle and Pistol Association

The Michigan Rifle and Pistol Association (MRPA) has a MRPA Silhouette Division with this mission in mind:

Promotes organized competitive rifle silhouette shooting among the residents of the State of Michigan. Promotes marksmanship practice and the safe handling of firearms. Promotes sportsmanship and good fellowship among the membership of the association. Supports the conservation and wise use of our wildlife and natural resources.

The website link below has places to shoot rifle silhouette in the State of Michigan. Review the state wide schedule of rifle silhouette matches. Maps and directions to the silhouette ranges. Review the MRPA Silhouette Match Results shot at Camp Grayling, MI and other Michigan Clubs. Review the list of past state champions. Review the rules governing the game of rifle silhouette shooting. Review supporting articles on reloading, silhouette shooting, and silhouette history.

A. P. Goodrich Rifle & Pistol Club (Alma, MI)


Detroit Sportsmen’s Congress (Utica, MI)


South Kent Sportmen’s Club (Dorr, MI)


Washtenaw Sportsman’s Club (Ypsilanti Township, MI)


Minnesota Rifle & Revolver Association, Inc.

The MRRA will strive to create a public sentiment of support for theindividual possession of firearms by law-abiding citizens. The Association will also encourage training in the use of firearms, for sport, as an essential contribution to national security, for personal defense, and as a bulwark of individual liberty.

It shall also be the purpose of this Organization to encourage the proper organization, operation, and administration of member clubs; to promote and statewide activities related to the ownership and lawful use of firearms, and to cooperate with other organizations in the conservation of our wildlife resources within the State of Minnesota and throughout the UnitedStates. THE MRRA support all types of shooing competition including rifle silhouette.

Nebraska Marksmanship Association

The purpose of this organization shall be the encouragement of organized rifle, pistol, and shotgun shooting events within the State of Nebraska in support of nationally recognized shooting programs. The NMA is the primary point of contact within the State of Nebraska for the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), and as such, is the official sanctioning body within the State of Nebraska for NRA and CMP shooting events. The NMA may also serve as the primary state point of contact for other similar National or state associations, as required.

North Dakota Shooting Sports Association

The North Dakota Shooting Sports Association sanctions shooting matches and State Championships in North Dakota for:

  • Small-bore Rifle – Prone and Position shooting, 3p & 4p (indoor and outdoor)
  • Light Rifle
  • High-power Rifle with Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) – Excellence in Competition (EIC) matches
  • Pistol – Conventional (indoor and outdoor) with Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) – Excellence in Competition (EIC) matches
  • Pistol – International – Standard and Free
  • Air Guns – Rifle and Pistol
  • Silhouette – Rifle and Handgun
  • Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

South Dakota Shooting Sports Association

SDSSA is the state affiliate of the National Rifle Association and serves as the state arm for the NRA. It is also affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program. SDSSA is a non-profit organization of hunters, collectors, competitive shooters, and general firearms enthusiasts working together to promote and protect the interests of firearm owners across the state. Organized as the official state affiliate organization of the National Rifle Association, we represent the interests of the NRA within South Dakota.

We encourage, promote and sponsor State Championship competitions at all levels in several disciplines. We compile annual shooting schedules and match information and provide State Championships awards for all sanctioned championship matches.

We coordinate and encourage efforts of member clubs and individuals in the fields of marksmanship training, firearms safety and recreational shooting through programs such as:

  • Civilian Marksmanship Program
  • Eddie Eagle firearms education program
  • YHEC and other youth shooting programs

Wisconsin Firearm Owners Association

We are Wisconsin’s NRA and CMP State Association for:

  • Shooting Competitions
  • Lobbying
  • Gun Range Support
  • Firearm Education
  • Gun Rights

Winnequan Gun Club (Lodi, WI)

Comprised in part by returning veterans from WWII, the Winnequah Gun Club was formed in 1948 and soon began to purchase land. Over the years, the club has planted more than 150,000 trees to preserve the topsoil and act as a noise barrier.

Except for the brief respite during WWII, pistol and rifle matches have been held continuously on the property from the early 1920’s to this date. Every year matches are held drawing competitors from around the country and around the world. In the past, army reserve and National Guard units have drilled on the range. Army marksmanship teams and individual team members continue to compete in matches here. Currently, the gun club conducts Silhouette Highpower matches out to 500 meters.