Club Lobos de Nogales Tiro, Caza y Pesca (Nogales, Son.)

Club Lobos De Nogales was established in 1957 with the intention to sponsor a safe place to shoot at metalic silhouettes, promote the sport through hosting local and nationally recognized events, provide instruction and education to anyone who is interested, and to enjoy camaraderie amongst fellow shooters. Our club is a member of Federacion Mexicana De Tiro (FEMETI) , Federacion Mexicana De Caza (FEMECA) and Liga Municipal De Tiro Nogales Sonora (LMT).

Club Lobos de Nogales hosts Local, State and Regional target matches such as The Sonora State FEMETI Championship and Mexico’s Northwest Championship Sonora, Chihuahua, Sinaloa and Baja California. For dates and times of all events, please visit the Calendar page. The range is located IN Camino Ejido la Arizona 6.5 Km from Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

Contact Information

Website:Under Construction
Facebook:Club Lobos De Nogales Tiro, Caza y Pesca
Business Address:CALLE ASTOLFO CARDENAS #101  Nogales Son COL. ALTAMIRA, C.P. 84047                                              
Range Location:Camino Ejido la Arizona 6.5 Km from Nogales, Sonora, Mx. 
Primary Contact:Roberto Villa Martinez
Primary Contact Phone:+52 662 479 6943
Primary Contact

Silhouette Range Capabilities

Disciplines:Range Facilites:
Smallbore Rifle4 Banks of each animal
High Power Rifle4 Banks of each animal
Open Sights Smallbore  -Mira Abierta .224 Banks of each animal
Air RifleNone

Silhouette Range Facilities