Kenny Haupricht Appointed USA Northeast Director

The NASSA Implementation Team is pleased to announce the appointment of Kenny Haupricht as the NASSA USA Northeast Regional Director.

Kenny has been involved in Rifle Silhouette since introduced to the sport by his father and grandfather at a very young age. He is a prominent member of the Ridgway Rifle Club in Pennsylvania, considered by many to be the Mecca for Rifle Silhouette in the USA. As such, his Rifle Silhouette experience and abundant contacts in our Silhouette sport make him a valuable asset in his capacity as the NASSA Northeast Regional Director.

Kenny will join a growing cadre of Regional Directors throughout Mexico, Canada and the USA as we build the NASSA organization.

Kenny and the other NASSA Regional Directors are the lifeblood of the organization, representing the interests of their localized silhouette shooters. To read more about the responsibility of the NASSA Regional Directors, click on the link below:

NASSA USA Northeast Region

What’s Ahead for the Northeast Region

All NASSA Regional Directors throughout North America will work with their local shooting community to establish strategic initiatives. We asked Kenny to give us some insights into what his primary focus will be in his new appointment as the USA Northeast Regional Director with Kenny making the following statement:

“The Northeast Region has a long running history in the sport of silhouette with multiple ranges hosting National Championship Matches in past years. The Northeast Region hosts some of the highest attended silhouette matches on a yearly basis as well as hosting the National Silhouette Championships in Pennsylvania on the rotational schedule for High Power, Smallbore and Lever Gun Silhouette.  The sport of Rifle Silhouette is strong in the Northeast and continues to grow with multiple new clubs hosting matches in recent years.”

“My Goals for the Northeast Region is to attract more new shooters to the sport as well as introduce more junior shooters to the sport. Concentration will also be on sponsorships and promotion of local, state, regional and national matches.”

About Kenny Haupricht

Kenny has been competing in the Silhouette sports for 34 years. He started competing at the age of 8 and was introduced to the Silhouette game by his father and grandfather who both compete and competed in Silhouette.

We last had a chance to catch up with Kenny at the 2022 NRA National Smallbore Silhouette Championships in Ridgway, PA. Shown to the left is Kenny shooting at this match with his father Ken Haupricht as his spotter (photo courtesy of Serena Juchnowski). You will not find a better pair to promote our Rifle Silhouette game!

Kenny has a distinguished history of achievement in Rifle Silhouette. Over the years, Kenny Haupricht has won (32) NRA Regional Silhouette Championships and (16) Pennsylvania State Silhouette Championships.

The pinnacle of his 34 years in Rifle Silhouette came in 2013 at the NRA National Highpower Silhouette Championships where he took the High Power Hunter Rifle Championship Title. What better way to celebrate this victory than being presented his 2013 National Championship Trophy & Championship Ring by his father and Match Director Ken Haupricht in the image below. Also pictured are his fellow teammates celebrating his win with a bottle of Champagne cooling off the newly crowned Champion!

We are looking forward to working closely with Kenny over the next few years as we build the NASSA Organization. Welcome aboard Kenny!

– The NASSA Implementation Team