Match & Cash/Prize Awards Information

Here is the Official Press Release Video from the Lapua Monarch Cup Board of Directors announcing the 2024 Lapua Monarch Cup! This covers the much anticipated match locations and match details you can learn about by clicking on the links below:

2024 Lapua Monarch Cup Official Video Announcement!

Stay tuned for further information regarding the 2024 Lapua Monarch Cup such as match details, travel information and 2023 LMC Championship Results that will be added to links below:

1st Lapua Monarch Cup Series Match –

2024 NRA National Smallbore Silhouette Championship


Place:  Ridgway Rifle Club

Location:  Ridgway, PA USA

Match Format:  120 Shot Standard Rifle Course

Dates:  July 28-30, 2024

2nd Lapua Monarch Cup Series Match


Place:  Club De Tiro Saltillo Safari

Location:  Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

Match Format:  120 Shot Standard Rifle Course

Dates:  October 5-6, 2024

LMC Match Details

The following LMC Match details are applicable for the 2024 LMC Season:

– LMC is based on four classifications: A, AA, AAA, & Master

– Each club will commit to deliver official score results to the Lapua Monarch Cup Board (LMCB) within 10 calendar days after the championship. (LMCB).

– Each major championship will have a Match Director as per decision of the host Club.

– Jury of honor will be named by the host club for each major championship (One member per country at least).

– LMC will not charge an entry fee.

– LMC is totally separated for internal club decisions in regards to the match organization and prize awarding criteria.

– LMCB will post score standings on the NASSA web page ( 2 weeks after each major series.

– Each LMC major match championship daily schedule is defined by the host club authority.

– LMC is for the shooters and for the shooter’s clubs.

– Each host club must take the needed measures to verify a shooter’s applicable classification. If for any reason a dispute takes place to define a shooter’s classification. Jury of honor will make the final decision

Cash & Prize Awards Per Category (Master, AAA, AA & A)

The LMC Board of Directors has set the award criteria for the 2024 LMC Cash Awards Program as detailed below. Competitors within their respective classifications (Master, AAA, AA, & A) have a chance to earn cash for each of the two LMC Matches shot in the USA and Mexico. Competitors can also earn cash or watches in the Lapua Monarch Cup Total Aggregate Awards Program. This gives all participating competitors a chance to win over $25,00 in total cash prizes!

Hosting an LMC Championship Match

The Lapua Monarch Cup (LMC) has continued to positively evolve from its delayed start in 2022 through our last 2023 Lapua Monarch Cup Series Match in Saltillo, Mexico. The LMC Board of Directors (LMCB) has taken further steps to continuously improve our 2024 LMC Championship Series.

For example, the LMCB has taken the following (2) actions to enhance the LMC to further fulfill our Vision & Mission Statements:

  • Conducting an LMC Survey in Q4 2023 among the LMC attendees from our Mexico, Canada and USA silhouette shooting community. This feedback will be used to improve our format for the 2024 LMC Championship Series.
  • Formalizing a LMC Match Series Proposal Solicitation process for silhouette clubs that desired to host a LMC Series Match in 2024 and was utilized in the selection of the 2024 LMC Series Match Hosts and beyond.

For any Mexico, Canada and USA Silhouette Clubs wishing to host a 2025 LMC Series Match, please use the LMC Match Series Proposal Solicitation documents linked below to submit your proposal by the 4th Quarter of 2024.

The LMC board will have the final word to approve or disapprove the hosting of a major match.

Contact the LMC Board of Directors on the link below if you are interested in discussing hosting a Leg of the the LMC Series: