About Us

The Lapua Monarch Cup (LMC) is a series of Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Championship Matches hosted in potentially three different countries: Canada, United States and Mexico. Silhouette Shooters from all over North America gather to compete against the best. Friendships made and friendships renewed also make the Lapua Monarch Cup Series one of the most special Silhouette Events in the World. So come join us!

Competitors earn points from each match within their respective classification (Master, AAA, AA, & A), giving all shooters an opportunity for the $25,000 in cash prizes. Lapua’s Monarch Cup is now recognized as the must-attend event of the Rifle Silhouette Shooting World. Lapua, world-renowned for producing the finest cases, bullets and cartridges, is pleased to support the Monarch Cup as Title Sponsor.

Birth of the Lapua Monarch Cup

Something very significant happened in the Silhouette World at the 2019 Mexico National Smallbore Silhouette Championships. A small group of top Silhouette Shooters from Mexico, Canada and the USA met during this Championship Match and agreed to promote a North American Smallbore Silhouette Championship Series to determine the best Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Shooter in North America. Along with this, to solicit significant cash prizes from sponsors for presentation to the top shooters in each of the classes (Master, AAA, AA, A).

Work soon began with the Capstone Precision Group and Lapua agreeing to be the Title Sponsor for this newly created Lapua Monarch Cup (LMC) Championship Series. Soon after, a LMC Board of Directors and Advisors was formed along with the establishment of the LMC Vision, Mission and Goals. While the Covid Epidemic delayed the launch of the LMC Championship Series until 2022, the dream born in 2019 in Saltillo is now a successful reality!

Lapua Monarch Cup Kick-Off Meeting

  • 2019 Mexico Smallbore Silhouette Championships
  • Top Silhouette Shooters representing Mexico, Canada and the USA
  • Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

The results of this historic meeting in Saltillo can best be summarized through (2) quotes from the two individuals who have the most vested interest in making the Lapua Monarch Cup a tradition for many years to come!

“The Lapua Monarch Cup was created to support the growth and strength of the Metallic Silhouette Shooting Sorts, along with promoting brotherhood amongst shooters and a legacy for generations to come”

Daniel Salazar – Chairman of the LMC Board

“Smallbore Silhouette is a challenging discipline that is open to all. Young and old, male and female. It is just the shooter and the targets. Lapua and SK are proud to support the Monarch Cup and Silhouette Shooting, and we are excited for this outstanding competition series.”

Adam Braverman – Director of Sales and Marketing for the Capstone Precision Group (Lapua)

The Symbolism of the Lapua Monarch

The monarch butterfly has a unique migration pattern, which is one of the longest migrations of any insect species. This migration is considered one of the most remarkable natural events in the world, and it has been the subject of extensive scientific study and conservation efforts.

Every year, millions of monarchs fly from the United States and Canada to their wintering grounds in central Mexico, a journey that can take up to two months and cover thousands of miles. This migration is a multi-generational phenomenon, with the butterflies that arrive in Mexico being the descendants of those that left the previous spring.

The monarchs spend the winter in a small area of mountain forests in Mexico, where they cluster together in large groups for warmth. In the spring, they mate and lay their eggs, and the new generation begins the journey back north to start the cycle again. This incredible migration is made even more remarkable by the fact that individual butterflies only live for a few weeks, yet the species has successfully completed this migration for millions of years.

What better way to symbolize Silhouette Shooters from Canada, Mexico and the USA coming together across North America once every year than the the Lapua Monarch Cup Butterfly!

Anonymous Lapua Monarch Cup Participant

Lapua Monarch Cup Vision, Mission & Goals

The 2022 LMC successfully demonstrated the concept of a North American Smallbore Silhouette Championship. Now that the 2023 LMC is complete, the Lapua Monarch Cup Board of Directors is now busy preparing for the 2024 LMC. Of the Silhouette Shooters present at the 2022/2023 LMC, all would say that the LMC was a success in uniting Silhouette Shooters throughout North America and opened up the possibility of expanding this concept into other Rifle Silhouette disciplines.

As a reminder to all Silhouette Shooters, the following is the LMC Vision, Mission, Goal and a promise to fulfill expectations for all Silhouette Shooters throughout North America!

LMC Mission:

Bring happiness and unforgettable memories as we support the growth and strength of the Metallic Silhouette Shooting Sport, through multicultural creative initiatives, promoting shooters brotherhood, and consolidating a legacy for the upcoming generations.

LMC Vision:

Perform the most Prestigious Championship Series in the World. Inspiring the participation of people that enjoy the sport and recognize those shooters in this discipline, who reach the highest level of performance.

LMC Goals:

  • Convert the series’ matches in the major Silhouette event per country.
  • Set new records of shooters’ attendance in each country’s major match.
  • Promote our sponsors’ brands with unprecedented synergy involving the best Metallic Silhouette Shooters in the world.

LMC Board Members:

  • Daniel Salazar (Chairman of the Board)
  • Jose “Pepe” Valdés (Mexico)
  • Jason Marsh (Canada)
  • Erich Mietenkorte (USA)
  • Chris Cawthorne (USA)

LMC Board Advisory Team:

  • Capstone Precision Group
    • Adam Braverman
  • USA
    • Mike Haynes
    • Jose Luis Rodriguez
    • Chris Winstead
    • Kathleen Garvin
    • Mary Watkins
  • Mexico:
    • Angelica Kuess
    • Enrique Kuess de la P. 
    • Gabriel Villareal
    • Ricardo Arellano
    • Jose Corral
  • Canada:
    • Jordan Marsh
    • Mike Rutherford
    • Trish Labrecque
    • Kalvin Marsh