LMC Mission:

Bring happiness and unforgettable memories as we support the growth and strength of the metallic silhouette shooting sport, through multicultural creative initiatives, promoting shooters brotherhood, and consolidating a legacy for the upcoming generations.

LMC Vision:

Perform the most prestigious championship series in the world. Inspiring the participation of people that enjoy the sport and recognize those shooters in this discipline, who reach the highest level of performance.

LMC Goals:

  • Convert the series’ matches in the major silhouette event per country.
  • Set new records of shooters’ attendance in each country’s major match.
  • Promote our sponsors’ brands with unprecedent synergy involving the best metallic silhouette shooters in the world.

Board Members:

  • Daniel Salazar (Chairman of the Board)
  • Adam Braverman (Capstone Precison Group)
  • Jose “Pepe” Valdés (Mexico)
  • Jason Marsh (Canada)

Board Advisory Team:

  • USA:
    • Mike Haynes
    • Jose Luis Rodriguez
    • Chris Winstead
    • Kathleen Garvin
    • Mary Watkins
  • Mexico:
    • Angelica Kuess
    • Enrique Kuess de la P. 
    • Gabriel Villareal
    • Ricardo Arellano
    • Jose Corral
  • Canada:
    • Jordan Marsh
    • Mike Rutherford
    • Trish Labrecque
    • Kalvin Marsh