2022 Monarch Cup Results

Dustin Flint and Nancy Leal Navarro

Congratulations to Dustin Flint (Baton Rouge, LA) who is now the 2022 Lapua Monarch Cup Champion! Dustin was in a great position after winning the 1st Leg of the LMC Championship Series at the 2022 NRA National Smallbore Silhouette Championships in Ridgway, Pennsylvania, USA. He held on and added to his LMC points lead in the 2nd Leg of the LMC Championship Series in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.

Congratulations are also in order to Nancy Leal Navarro’s performance in Saltillo to close out the LMC Championship Match Series in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. Simply outstanding shooting!

We also honor the top cash prize winners in the LMC Series:

Champion – Dustin Flint – $5,000

1st Master – Edgar Rueda – $2,000

2d Master – Jake Stine – $1,500

3rd Master – Gabriel Villareal – $1,250

4th Master – Enrique Kuess – $1,000

5th Master – Cathy Winstead-Severin – 4750

6th Master – Pedro Rueda, Jr. – $500

2022 Lapua Monarch Cup Final Results

Presented here are the overall aggregate scores and LMC points earned for all Lapua Monarch Cup participants . Scores and point earned are for the 1st LMC Championship Leg at Ridgway, PA and the 2nd LMC Championship Leg at Saltillo, Coah.

Points earned determined the LMC Cash Prize Awards for Master, AAA, AA and A Classes as noted in the tables below.

For a further explanation of the points system, please refer to the Lapua Monarch Cup Award Point Program summarized after the 2022 LMC Final Results posted below:

Lapua Monarch Cup Award Point Program

Lapua Monarch Cup Competition – System Set up for Awarding
Points per Classification (Master, AAA, AA, A)

1st Place – Earns 20 points11th Place – Earns 10 points
2nd Place – Earns 19 points12th Place – Earns 9 points
3rd Place – Earns 18 points13th Place – Earns 8 points
4th Place – Earns 17 points14th Place – Earns 7 points
5th Place – Earns 16 points15th Place – Earns 6 points
6th Place – Earns 15 points16th Place – Earns 5 points
7th Place – Earns 14 points17th Place – Earns 4 points
8th Place – Earns 13 points18th Place – Earns 3 points
9th Place – Earns 12 points19th Place – Earns 2 points
10th Place – Earns 11 points20th Place – Earns 1 point

Important Notes:

  1. These points will be earned per aggregate score obtained in each major match, per
    country (2 matches, i.e. the highest possible points accumulated will be 40 points)
  2. Whomever accumulates the most points in 2 matches will be the Lapua Monarch
    Cup Champion for the Lapua Monarch Cup North American Championship Series.
  3. If a tie scored occurs, the shoot-off will take place on Turkeys (2 sets of 5 rounds =
    10 rounds total). If still tied, one set of 5 shots will follow. If the score remains tied,
    sudden victory will apply next.