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La misión de NASSA es ponerle en contacto con las noticias actuales sobre siluetas y la industria de lo que ocurre en el mundo de las siluetas de rifle. Esto incluiría posts/vídeos/podcasts de otros tiradores de siluetas, noticias del sector de nuestros patrocinadores y proveedores o lo que está ocurriendo en nuestras organizaciones afines.

Sea paciente con nosotros mientras construimos nuestra red de colaboradores de noticias. Mientras tanto, he aquí una muestra de lo que cabe esperar en un futuro próximo…..

  • 2022 Lapua Monarch Cup Kicks-Off in Mexico

    The second leg of the 2022 Lapua Monarch Cup kicks off this weekend, September 17-18 in Saltillo, CH, Mexico. Held at the Club De Tiro Saltillo Safari, this will be the second opportunity for silhouette competitors to accrue points in hopes of winning the coveted Lapua Monarch Cup Championship ti...

    Lee Mas
  • Preparation, Eating, Adjusting Position, and AR Silhouette
    Four great reader questions and answers to go with them!


    said several times that the best use of this newsletter is to take your questions and ideas and provide some answers and responses to get us thinking, talking, and making this sport better. I’ve rec...

    Lee Mas
  • Who's Gonna Carry The Boats?
    The sport of silhouette is going to be exactly what we make it. Let’s work together to make it great!


    Navy SEAL and general bad-to-the-bone tough guy David Goggins developed this mantra during Navy BUD/S training (SEALS basic training). As part of that tr...

    Lee Mas
  • Welcome to The Rifle Silhouette Report

    Thank you for subscribing to The Rifle Silhouette Report! My plan with this newsletter is to give you all (hopefully) valuable “how to” tips to make you a better silhouette shooter; to give my opinions on all things silhouette; to answer your questions; and to show you the world of rifle silh...

    Lee Mas

    COLO SPRGS, CO – USA Shooting’s 2022 Winter Air Gun Championships, Dec. 9-12, were held in two locations: the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center in Camp Perry, Ohio. Lee Mas


    COLO SPRGS, CO (Nov. 16, 2022) –USA Shooting is pleased to announce the hiring of a new Chief Executive Officer, Craig Kozeniesky, a retired Marine Corps Colonel, who will assume duties in early January of 2023.

    Kozeniesky served in the Marine Corps for 27 years and is a combat veteran o...

    Lee Mas
  • Training, Part 1
    Creating habits that lead to success.

    If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” — Patches O’Houlihan

    Happy New Year! It’s nearly the end of January already, so probably a little late to be wishing everyone a happy new year; but this is the first po...

    Lee Mas
  • The State of Silhouette 2022
    Some brief opinions on where we are and where we’re going.


    I received the following question(s) from a junior shooter a couple weeks ago:

    I’m doing my Senior Research on the history, modern and future aspect...

    Lee Mas
  • The Most Common Mistake
    The number one way silhouette shooters are sabotaging performance.


    Let’s be honest, shooting good scores in silhouette is hard! This is not something anyone can just step onto the range and do well. It takes a LOT of work and time to develop the physical ...

    Lee Mas
  • The End Of A Season For The Ages
    The Texas Smallbore Silhouette State Championship


    I would have posted this yesterday but I was still thawing out from a weekend of shooting the Texas Smallbore Silhouette State Championship in the arctic tundra of Houston, Texas. In my opinion, October is b...

    Lee Mas
  • The Drue Wands Invitational, Chickens & Pigs, and What Am I Thinking?
    Random thoughts from freezing cold and wet south Louisiana.


    Last weekend, December 10-11, being the second weekend of December, was the annual Drue Wands Invitational at The Fusilier Complex in Arnaudville, Louisiana. This is the Louisiana lever ac...

    Lee Mas
  • Team SK’s Jake Stine Wins at the NRA National Silhouette Championship

    Congratulation’s to Team SK member Jake Stine winning multiple titles at the 2022 NRA National Silhouette Championship, including overall High Junior and Hunter Rifle Team National Champion.

    The NRA National Silhouette Championship took place August 8-9 at the Ridgway ...

    Lee Mas
  • Team SK Shooter Mietenkorte Wins Washington Smallbore Silhouette Championship

    Congratulations to Erich Mietenkorte on sweeping the Washington Smallbore Silhouette State Championship! Erich scored first place in both the Smallbore Hunter Rifle and in Smallbore Standard.

    The Washington Smallbore Silhouette State Championship was held on August 27-28 at the Pe Ell Spor...

    Lee Mas
  • Shooting Up To Your Potential (Or Not)
    Learning proper perspective is the first step to learning to win.


    We have all been there before (probably at our last match). We go out the morning of a big match to warm up and it seems that we can’t miss. Every target we shoot goes down; every offhand s...

    Lee Mas
  • Nammo Builds Primer Factory in Vihtavuori, Finland

    Vihtavuori, Finland – The Nammo Group has announced its plan to build a new primer factory in Vihtavuori in Finland. The factory, an investment of EUR 33 million, is planned to be running in 2025, reaching its full capacity in 2027. The factory will employ ca 50 persons and it ...

    Lee Mas
  • A Case Study: 6.5 x 55 mm Swedish

    The 6.5 × 55 mm Swedish, or the 6.5×55 SE (C.I.P) is is one of the most popular all-around rimless bottlenecked rifle cartridges in the world for both target shooters and hunters. The cartridge was developed in 1891 by a Norwegian-Swedish rifle committee to be used in the Norwegian and Swedish ...

    Lee Mas
  • My 2023 Championship Match Schedule
    Plus a few extra matches worth the trip!


    At the end of very year I schedule my shooting year and send an email to our local shooters in south Louisiana and the surrounding area containing my shooting calendar for the next year. Now that I have this...

    Lee Mas
  • Mission Accomplished At The Lapua Monarch Cup Final!
    Viva La Mexico!


    When the 2022 shooting season started, there was ONE goal: win the Lapua Monarch Cup. Two matches, two countries, all the best silhouette shooters in the world — one champion standing in the end. It looked incredibly difficult; it ended up...

    Lee Mas
  • Message Regarding Lapua Case Availability

    Due to the continued high product demand and the prevailing market conditions impacted especially by the Ukraine situation, the availability of some of our products is unfortunately limited and delivery times have become extended. To better serve our civilian and military obligations, some of our...

    Lee Mas
  • Lapua launches a new digital tool for hunters – the Lapua Hunt app is available now in English!

    Lapua Hunt is the new digital tool for hunters respecting the game as well as appreciating accuracy and safety. The app uses the same ballistics calculator and Lapua product data as the Lapua Ballistics app. Add your own rifle and reticle, select the best ammo and game category, and you are ready...

    Lee Mas
  • Lapua announces two new rimfire rounds for long range shooting

    The world-renown Lapua quality has been around for 100 years, and today, the brand is proud to celebrate this milestone by presenting two new .22LR cartridges designed for ranges at 100 m/yds and beyond: The  Lee Mas

  • It's Not About The Rifle
    What equipment to use and why it’s not that important.


    Today we have two good questions, both concerning equipment – namely rifles and scopes. The first question contains several questions and observations to address. Let’s jump in!

    Lee Mas
  • Henry Introduces Limited-Edition Rifles to Celebrate Twenty-Five Years of Gunmaking

    Henry is pleased to announce two limited-edition models celebrating the company’s twenty-fifth anniversary. Available at dealers nationwide while supplies last, the rifles pay tribute to the beginnings of Henry Repeating Arms as a company and the origins of the lever action rifle’s enduring l...

    Lee Mas
  • Federal Ammunition Announces Ballistic AE App Additions

    Federal Ammunition has added its latest load offerings to the updated Ballistic AE app. This leading Ballistic app is available for free to download on iOS devices.

    “We’re excited to work on the Ballistic AE app to improve this technology and offer shooters another tool to increase the...

    Lee Mas

    ELEY is proud to announce a renewed long-term partnership with the USA Shooting Team. The contract will see athletes compete with ELEY ammunition at the Olympic Games in Paris, 2024 as well as Los Angeles, 2028.

    Athletes will also be showcasing their skills at events in a busy ISSF calenda...

    Lee Mas

    Gerald O’Keefe, former Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Board Vice Chairman, has recently assumed the role of Chairman and CEO – following the retirement of previous Chairman, Judy Legerski, this year. Legerski had been a member of the Board since the organization’s privatization in 1996...

    Lee Mas

    To better reflect its Nationwide responsibility for marksmanship excellence, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has updated its mission and vision. While the previous mission and vision have served the CMP well, the recent change in corporate leadership led by new Board Chair and CEO Jerry O...

    Lee Mas
  • Berger’s Dustin Flint Wins Louisiana Highpower Silhouette Championship

    Team Berger’s Dustin Flint scored a 93 X 120 at the 2022 Louisiana Highpower Silhouette Championship to secure the championship title for the second consecutive year!

    Taking place on October 15th and 16th at the “Bucky” Murdock Farm in Zwolle, Louisiana the tw...

    Lee Mas
  • Zwolle 2022
    Report from the oldest, most unique, and maybe the most fun match in the country!


    The third weekend in October is one of the best weekends of the year on the silhouette calendar – Zwolle weekend! The Louisiana Highpower Silhouette State Championship i...

    Lee Mas