NASSA Facebook

Very early in our NASSA Phase III Strategic Planning, the NASSA Implementation Team realized the criticality of having a strong NASSA Facebook presence. Critical in the sense of gathering and disseminating real time Rifle Silhouette information of special interest to our Rifle Silhouette community. Information that would also be a major feed source to keep the NASSA Website updated and relevant.

David Mackiernan, the founder of the Metallic Silhouette Shooter’s Society (MSSS) Facebook Group, joined the NASSA Implementation Team in August of 2022 as our NASSA Media Administration Director. The direct result is a MSSS merger with NASSA that brings with it over 2200 MSSS members and fulfills this specific Phase III Strategic Initiative.

So welcome to our new NASSA Facebook Group! Our NASSA Mission is to utilizing this and other NASSA Strategic Initiatives, follow the Lapua Monarch Cup’s lead, and unite our Rifle Silhouette Community throughout North America.

To connect directly to NASSA Facebook, click on the link below: